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Chris Armbruster
"Green Open Access as a global solution?" Dr Chris Armbruster, Max Planck Digital Library (Berlin), Max Planck Society, studies the financial, legal and technical framework of digital scholarly communication and of knowledge as scientific information. Previously a postdoc at the European University Institute, he is the founder and Executive Director of the Research Network 1989, a network of internationally mobile scholars interested in the causes and consequences of 1989 as a global conjuncture. He publishes across the social sciences and reaches a wide audience through the US-based Social Science Research Network, on which he belongs to the top two percent of authors. Born in the American sector of Berlin, he has studied in the UK, Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy. He has been a fellow of the Open Society Institute, a Jean Monnet Fellow and a fellow of the Fondazione Antonio Ruberti and EIROforum (CERN, EFDA JET, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ILL). In 2007, he won the Yale Law Information Society Project award. Some recent publications and working papers include:
Romary, Laurent and Armbruster, Chris, Beyond Institutional Repositories. International Journal of Digital Library Systems 1(1) (forthcoming, 2010).
Armbruster, Chris, Whose Metrics? On Building Citation, Usage and Access Metrics as Information Service for Scholars. Learned Publishing 23(1) (forthcoming, 2010).

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