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DUNDER Kristina

DUNDER Kristina, EMEA, SWE<br>Dr Dunder graduated from Uppsala University (School of Medicine) in 1988. She specialized in internal medicine and endocrinology/diabetology and served as a medical doctor at the Uppsala Academic Hospital until 2005. In 2004 she defended a thesis with the title “Clinical manifestations of coronary heart disease and the metabolic syndrome”.
Since 2005 Dr Dunder holds a position as a clinical assessor and senior expert at the Medical Product Agency in Uppsala, Sweden. She is currently the Swedish delegate in the CHMP (Committee of Human Medical Products) at the EMA (European Medicine Agency) in London, UK and a member of the cardiovascular working party at the EMA.
Dr Dunder was one of the Rapporteurs for the update of the EMA Guideline on Clinical Investigation of Medicinal Products in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus which has recently been adopted.

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