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Professeur associé d'archéologie au Département de sociologie et d'anthropologie (Department of Sociology & Anthropology) de l'East Tennessee State University (États-Unis).

Publications (sélection)

- Franklin, Jay D. 2008. Big Cave Archaeology in the East Fork Obey River Gorge. In Cave Archaeology of the Eastern Woodlands: Essays in Honor of Patty Jo Watson, edited by David H. Dye, pp. 141-155. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville.
- Franklin, Jay D. 2008. Luminescence Dates and Woodland Ceramics from Rock Shelters on the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. Tennessee Archaeology 3(1):87-100.
- Franklin, J. D. And J. F. Simek. 2008. Core Refitting and the Accuracy of Techniques for Aggregate Lithic Analyses: The Case of 3rd Unnamed Cave, Tennessee. Southeastern Archaeology 27(1):108-121.

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