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Tariq Khwaileh is a linguist by training. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan), Master’s Degree from the University of Leeds (United Kingdom), and PhD from the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). Prior to joining the University of Qatar, Dr. Khwaileh worked at the University of Sheffield (United Kingdom). 
Tariq Khwaileh is committed to teaching linguistics/syntax within its theoretical and interdisciplinary contexts. His teaching interests incorporate syntactic theory, human language processing, morphology, psycholinguistics, clinical linguistics/neurolinguistics, articulatory phonetics, sociolinguistics and semantics. 
The focus of his research is applying linguistic theory in an interdisciplinary context. It incorporates the use of syntactic theory (Transformational Generative Grammar versus Construction Grammar) in understanding the nature of language processing in atypical language performance. Other research interests include clinical linguistics (linguistics and language pathology), cognitive neuropsychology of language, neurolinguistics, the dialectology of Gulfian Arabic.

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