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Claire Lévy-Vroelant is a Professor in Sociology at the University of Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis since 2002. She is coordinator of a Master of Sociology in the department of sociology at Paris 8 University. She is in charge the mobility programs ERASMUS for students and staff mobility in sociology in Paris 8 University. Since 1990, she is a researcher in Centre de Recherche sur l’Habitat (UMR LOUEST, CNRS) and has been in the leading board of this Centre until 2005-2006. Since 2005, she is a member of the ENHR (European Network of Housing Research) Coordination Committee. Since 2007, she is a member of the advisory board of the UHP (International Journal of Housing policies - formerly European Journal of Housing policies). Since 2009, she is a member of the advisory board of Housing Studies and Journal of Homelessness. She is the editor of the collection « Habitat et société », l’Harmattan, Paris. She has been (2007- 2010) a member of the leading board of GIS socio-economies de l’Habitat (CNRS) where she was in charge of the International Program. Regarding her research fields, she most often looks at long time approaches (from l9th century to nowadays). Her main topics are migrations, mobility and housing. She has published (March 2007) a large story of transitory accommodation in Paris and suburbs from 1860 to 1990. More generally, she is interested by housing conditions in a broader sense, and what she calls “housing social relations” and neighborhood’s relations, but also policies: the place of Housing in the “new welfare state”. She recently analyzed the recent “housing crisis” in France. In 2006 she has contributed to put up a regular European seminar about recent transformations and future of Social Housing in Europe, and organized an internal conference in December 2007 in Paris. A following collective book has been published by PUR in 2010, Le logement social en Europe, la revision générale.

Her current research focuses on memory issues, linking local and social (the place of migrations in collective memory in Paris area) and on the social and political treatment of se called “vulnerable” groups. She is about to publish a sociological enquiry on Memory and Migration (Les hotels meublés de Paris. Enquête sur une mémoire de l’immigration, Créaphis, October 2011).

She leads a project (2009-2011) founded by ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche) that looks at the construction and the treatment of “vulnerabilities” by a range of social actors and will end with a publication and a conference in December 2011.

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