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Christian List is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at the London School of Economics. He received degrees in mathematics and philosophy (BA) and politics (MPhil and DPhil) from the University of Oxford and held research and visiting positions at Oxford (Nuffield College), the Australian National University (RSSS), Harvard University (CBRSS), MIT (Philosophy), the University of Konstanz (PPM Group) and Princeton University (Center for Human Values). He works in political theory, social choice theory and the philosophy of the social sciences. His current research focuses on judgment aggregation, group deliberation, democracy and group agency. His publications include "Aggregating Sets of Judgments: An Impossibility Result" (with P. Pettit, Economics & Philosophy 2002); "Social Choice Theory and Deliberative Democracy: A Reconciliation" (with J. Dryzek, BJPS 2003); "The Discursive Dilemma and Public Reason" (Ethics 2006); "A Conditional Defense of Plurality Rule" (with R. E. Goodin, AJPS 2006) and "Arrow's theorem in judgment aggregation" (with F. Dietrich, Social Choice and Welfare 2007). Christian List is currently an editor of Economics and Philosophy.

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