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Born in Bafou (Cameroon). At 10, he watched for the first time Bruce Lee’s and started practicing Wushu in High School. He got a master in management and was exceptionally admitted into the Shaolin Temple. Later he successfully got a degree in Wushu, at the Sport University of Beijing.

He got the certification of International Jud and referee, and Wushu expert. DMS is presently the first Black and fourth foreigner to be designated as member of the Shaolin Temple of the 34th generation called SHI YAH MAI. From 1998 to 2005, he won many medals during Wushu international competitions in Asia, Europe and Africa. He also devotes himself to passing on his know-how in coaching and training. He participated in action films as an actor, a stuntman and choreographer for scenes which involve bouts.

He fluently speaks Chinese, English, French and Bamileke dialect. DMS is also a Businessman, currently the Vice-President of the Federation of Investors China-Africa and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DMS International Group. On a regular basis, DMS holds conferences and seminars about his unusual background and experiences in universities and international forums . In 2012, Dominique Saatenang created a troupe of artists under the name of “Shaolin Black and White”.

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