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Associate Professor, Paul Thomas has a joint position as Head of Painting at the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales and Head of Creative Technologies at Curtin University (Australie). He has chaired numerous international conferences and is the co-chair of the Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference 2010. In 2000, he instigated and was the founding Director of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth. Paul Thomas has been working in the area of electronic arts since 1981 when he co-founded the group Media-Space. Media-Space was part of the first global link up with artists connected to ARTEX. From 1981-1986 the group was involved in a number of collaborative exhibitions and was instrumental in the establishment a substantial body of research. Paul’s current research project ‘Nanoessence’ explores the space between life and death at a nano level. The project is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Nanochemistry Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology and SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia. The previous project ‘Midas’ was researching at a nano level the transition phase between skin and gold. Paul Thomas has recently completed working on an intelligent architecture public art project for the Curtin Mineral and Chemistry Research Precinct. In 2009 he established Collaborative Research in Art Science and Humanity (CRASH) at Curtin.
Paul Thomas is a practicing electronic artist whose work has exhibited internationally and can be seen on his website.

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