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4. Bandwidth

This part will address the concept of bandwidth, or the "speed" of network paths. Defining and measuring bandwidth is particularly challenging. We'll go over established definitions of bandwith metrics and the limitations of these definitions. Then, we'll cover methods to measure bandwidth that are based on flooding network paths. The flooding method underlies most of the tools we use today. We’ll discuss how Speedtest works and how to configure our own bandwidth tests using iPerf. Flooding tools create a lot of measurement overhead on the measured network paths. We’ll end the week with a discussion of more advanced methods from the research community to measure bandwidth with lower overhead.

Table of contents

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Definitions of bandwidth metrics
A. The basics
B. Limitations

4.3 End-to-end measurement approaches

4.4 Flooding
A. Methods
B. Example tools

4.5 Advanced probing
A. Packet pairs
B. Size-delay and self-induced congestion

4.6 Conclusion

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