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5. Traffic Measurements

This is the final part of the course on Internet measurements.

The first parts of this course have focused on active probing to learn properties of network paths. This last part will instead focus on passive measurements. We’ll learn methods to measure the traffic traversing a network. We’ll discuss how to measure traffic at three different granularities: IP packets, network flows, and network interface. We’ll work with two popular tools for packet capture and analysis: tcpdump and Wireshark. We’ll provide some packet traces collected with tcpdump for you to analyze in the end-of-week exercise and you’ll get the chance to analyze your own traffic in the lab exercises. You will see how the applications and services you use on the Internet work by inspecting their traffic. As we discussed in part 1, inspecting network traffic raises serious privacy concerns. This week will also discuss techniques to anonymize packet traces.

Table of contents

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Packet Capture
A. End systems
B. Network

5.3 Interface counts

5.4 Flow capture

5.5 Traffic matrix

5.6 Anonymization of packet traces

5.7 Conclusion

Overall course conclusion

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