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4. Integration with Other Data Formats and Sources

This part address several initiatives to integrate more and more data on the Web.

First, we will see RDFa, which is an RDF syntax inside HTML and GRDDL to exchange transformations extracting RDF from X(HT)ML. Continuing the integration with other data formats on the Web, we will introduce JSON-LD which is a JSON syntax for RDF. Then we will present two sets of recommendations to link RDF with other data standards: CSV with tabular (meta)data on the Web and R2RML to support the integration of relational databases (directly or with specified mappings). Finally, we will see LDP which provides a standardized REST API to linked data sources on the Web.

In other words, this part is emphasizing the integration with other data standards stressing the importance of this effort to maintain a unified architecture of the Web and to make the Web a pivot space for interoperability and integration.

Table of Contents :

    1. RDFa: an RDF syntax inside HTML
    2. GRDDL: extract RDF from X(HT)ML
    3. JSON-LD: JSON syntax for RDF
    4. Tabular data and metadata (CSV)
    5. R2RML: integration with databases
    6. LDP: a REST API to linked data
    Demos of part 4 Integration with other Data Formats and Sources
    Conclusion of the Course

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