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1. Principles of a Web of Linked Data

welcome to this introduction to a Web of Linked Data. This first part is dedicated to principles of the Web of Linked Data.

It will be broken down into five parts. The first part is about the Web architecture and its core
notions. The second part is one of the first evolutions of the Web, separating the presentation
and the content. The third part is an evolution, going from We
b pages to Web resources. Then
we will see the core principles that are behind the Linked Data, and we will finish with an
overview of the stack of standards and languages used to publish data on the Web. Let us start
with the Web architecture.

Table of Contents :

1. Historical Introduction to the Web Architecture

2. Separating Presentation and Content

3. From Pages to Resources

4. Linked Data Principles

5. Stack of Standards and Languages

Demos on a web of Linked Data

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