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LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies

Managing riverscapes and flow regimes for biocultural diversity

For millennia, people have been part of nature in riverscapes, coevolving with the living river systems that are the hearts of these environments.  As well as being biologically diverse and resilient ecosystems, the world’s rivers have been paths for the evolution and adaptation of the cultural identity, material and spiritual wellbeing, and security of human civilizations.  River flows continue to connect people, places, and wildlife today, inspiring and sustaining a myriad beliefs, values, services, and lifeways.

The conference will convene thought leaders, researchers, and practitioners working on different aspects of the conservation and management of biological and cultural diversity in river basins.  They will explore the interlinkages between nature and culture in the context of the parallel global biological and cultural diversity crises, in particular focusing on river flow regulation and fragmentation with water infrastructure development. 

Participants will share case studies, experiences, and insights with one another in a virtual informal setting, continuing to expand the global knowledge base.  They will use this exchange to help lay out some of the elements of a high potential, policy relevant research agenda with global reach, to more effectively manage riverscapes and flow regimes for biocultural diversity.  They will also identify promising opportunities to put key elements of this agenda into practice during the 2021-2030 UN decade on ecosystem restoration, including the partnerships, projects, and mechanisms needed.

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