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Baka chronicle, April 2015, Messok district, Cameroon : a collect of wild honey

Camera, sound, editing : Romain Duda Film editing assistance : Alain Epelboin (CNRS-MNHN) Messok district, East Cameroon, april 2015The honey harvesting is one of the highly valued activities for the Baka of southeastern Cameroon. Among a dozen of variety of wild honey, the one called pòki, produced by the bee tòngyà (Apis mellifera) is particularly appreciated but implies reaching a nest located, most of the time, several meters high in the tree. This film details the techniques employed in a domain of ecological knowledge locally developed by the ...
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The Changing Nature of Invention in Computer Science

What drives inventions in computing? Necessity seems to play only a minor role. Anger at the way things are is much more powerful, because it leads to easier ways to work (the invention of new computer languages). A general dissatisfaction with the practical or theoretical structure of the world can open up whole new approaches to problems (complexity theory and cryptography). Finally, a genuine collaboration between people and machines can lead to an entirely new kind of engineering for devices that will travel to far-off planets or to hostile ...
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