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le (10m50s)

Palm oil : the keys to sustainable supply

Laurent Gilbert, director of sustainable innovation at L'Oréal Recherche et Innovation, presents in this video (10'51) the implementation of initiatives aimed at increasing the sustainability of the "palm oil" sector. After a presentation of this sector and its challenges, he describes the RSPO certification (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and discusses the actions undertaken by the group L'Oréal to increase the scope, particularly through the issue of traceability.
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le (14m28s)

Environmental mobilisations in urban settings

Nathalie Blanc, director of research at the CNRS, analyzes in this video (14'29) the forms of collective action for the environment in urban areas. She highlights the existence of "caretakers" of the local environment and shows more generally that these mobilizations are based on a great diversity of aesthetic links to the environment. On the basis of examples, she shows several representations and models of analysis of these collective actions.
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le (6m1s)

Change and biodiversity among indigenous peoples in Central African forests

Serge Bahuchet, professor at the National Museum of Natural History, discusses in this video (6'00) the adaptation of hunter-gatherers Aka, living in Africa, to global changes. Although the effects of climate change are still not very perceptible to them, he shows that their harvesting and hunting activities are impacted by socio-economic developments in neighboring territories.
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