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le (1h7m43s)

Pr. Bernd Heine (Köln University), "The grammar of interactives: The challenge of discourse"

Most work on grammatical analysis has focused on the structure of clauses and sentences organized in a propositional format. Work on discourse processing and the organization of texts suggests, however, that there are many linguistic phenomena that are elusive to a description in terms of ‘sentence grammar’. A number of frameworks, commonly known as ‘dual process models’ (e.g., Evans and Stanovich, 2013; Heine, 2019), have been proposed to account for such phenomena and their psychological and neurolinguistic correlates (e.g., Marini et al., 2005; Haselow, 2019). Based on this line of research, the ...
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le (59m40s)

Jan Nuyts (University of Antwerp), On the relations between evidentiality and modality

This talk focuses on whether or not the domains of evidentiality and modality relate, and if so, how they relate. The literature does not give a simple answer to this question, mainly because evidentiality and modality are both cover-terms for distinct categories, and the categories within each of the two domains are conceptually quite divergent. In line with what I suggested in earlier work, I will argue that some modal and evidential categories are more closely related with each other than they are with some of the other categories in their own domains. This means by implication that the traditional ...
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