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Trying to understand the today's Mass Housing Administration (TOKI)

Conférence-débat "Trying to understand the today's Mass Housing Administration (TOKI)" Vendredi 28 janvier 2011 à 18h à l'IFEAAyşe Çavdar (economist and writer), Cihan Baysal (lawyer and activist), Ulus Atayurt (political commentator and writer, Express)Introduction speech from Jean François Pérouse :   " Dealing/coping with TOKİ: a new challenge for urban studies in Turkey…. Just a small speech about the framework into which we are gathering here: to understand the transforming role of public bodies in the current urban transformations; and that in a comparative way. In fact we are witnessing a wonderful implication of so-called public bodies in the occurring processes. ...
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Recent research at Pixar

In this talk I will survey a number of current and recent projects underway in the Research Group at Pixar. To set context for the discussion I'll begin with a brief overview of our production pipeline. I'll also discuss how we approach research at Pixar, including how we pick problems, what we look for when we consider the adoption of external research, and how we transfer technology to the rest of the studio.
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Akdeniz kentlerinde oryantalizmin yorumları ve yerel sahiplenilme şekilleri

Colloque Les Antidotes à l’Orientalisme : 23-24/02/2011 au Lycée Notre Dame de SionZeynep Çelik (School of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology):“Akdeniz kentlerinde oryantalizmin yorumları ve yerel sahiplenilme şekilleri”“Appropriations et interprétations locales de l’orientalisme dans les villes méditerranéennes : une approche comparative”
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