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SANSARI. The Goddess and the Corona in the Himalayas

At the end of March 2020, in a village in Nepal, affected like the rest of the country - and the world - by lockdown, news of the virus spreads. Some villagers decide to perform the Sansari ritual, goddess of epidemics, adapting it to the current circumstances. Relationship to politics, relationship to nature, the place of the stranger, respect for tradition and adaptation to change, human and divine responsibility, rumours and learned discourse... As elsewhere, they search for what to think and what to do, and cobble together uncertain answers. This is an opportunity to discover other reflections on the ...
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Conférence confinée pour le réseau AMADES Anthropologie Appliquée au Développement et à la Santé 26 Mai 2020  Présentation : Dr. Pascale Hancart-Petitet IRD-TransVIHMI Alternant entretien filmé et extraits vidéos des productions médiatiques et artistiques, l’objectif de cette conférence confinée est de présenter la généalogie et les modalités de mes expériences de médiations scientifiques au Laos. Cette médiation a pris plusieurs formes ; la co-réalisation un programme radiophonique hebdomadaire à la Radio Nationale Lao, celle un documentaire abordant la construction et la mise en œuvre d’une recherche multidisciplinaire et participative sur les parcours ...
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Dr George Bruseker - Realizing the Virtues (and Combating the Vices) of the Digital Shift in Heritage Scholarship: the Role of Knowledge Representation

George Bruseker is Vice Chair of the CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group and an expert in the field of knowledge representation and semantics for cultural heritage. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has worked in diverse institutions within the field of cultural heritage and heritage research over the past fifteen years. He is deeply involved in the semantics community, participating in several major initiatives aiming to facilitate the adoption of semantic data including Data for History (d4h), Linked.Art, and the Arches Resource modeling Working Group (ARM WG). His research interests include ...
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