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Lucia Galli (University of Oxford), "The Price of Enlightenment: The Travel Account of Kha stag ʼDzam yag, a Pilgrim and a Tshong dpon (1944-1956)"

Frontier territories characterised by intense socio-economic, political, and cultural inter-actions, in the mid-nineteenth century the easternmost fringes of the Tibetan plateau saw the rise of the ris med movement, an influential religious approach fostering inclusiveness and non-sectarianism. Teachings, empowerments, and transmissions of various schools and lineages were actively sought and received, through a constant flow of masters, adepts, and pilgrims from one monastery to the other. Testimony to these thriving interactions was Kha stag 'Dzam yag, a Khams pa trader from a nomadic area in ‘Bri zla zal mo gangs and author of a travel account describing his thirteen-year long ...
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