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le (1h15m12s)

M. Lesourd - Positive Scalar Curvature on Noncompact Manifolds and the Positive Mass Theorem

The study of positive scalar curvature on noncompact manifolds has seen significant progress in the last few years. A major role has been played by Gromov's results and conjectures, and in particular the idea to use surfaces of prescribed mean curvature (as opposed to minimal surfaces). Having the classic positive mass theorem of Schoen-Yau in mind, we describe a new positive mass theorem for manifolds that allows for possibly non asymptotically flat ends, points of incompleteness, and regions negative scalar curvature. The proof is ...
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le (1h9s)

D. Stern - Harmonic map methods in spectral geometry

Over the last fifty years, the problem of finding sharp upper bounds for area-normalized Laplacian eigenvalues on closed surfaces has attracted the attention of many geometers, due in part to connections to the study of sphere-valued harmonic maps and minimal immersions. In this talk, I'll describe a series of results which shed new light on this problem by relating it to the variational theory of the Dirichlet energy on sphere-valued maps. Recent applications include new (H^{-1}-)stability results for the maximization of the first and ...
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