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Climatic variability during the Holocene - Myriam Khodri

What is the Holocene? What caused this Climate Optimum during the Holocene? How do we know that the African Humid Period occurred during the Holocene Climate Optimum? Were there been other warm periods during the Holocene before the industrial age? What controls the variability of the climate from one decade to the next, or even from one century to the next?External forcings. What caused the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age?
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le (1h40m54s)

An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 2: The forgotten articulator: How respiration constrains linguistic structure and affects speech at a local and global level (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

In this lecture, I will talk aboutrespiration, a biological rhythm which is flexible and adaptable and cruciallyinvolved in speech production, perception and face-to-face interactions. Basedon different experiments, I will discuss the interplay between respiration andspeech planning in read and spontaneous speech and the respiratory coordinationbetween interlocutors in dialogue. Finally, I will argue that respiration doesnot only deliver the expiratory airstream for speech in long temporal windows(interpausal units), but can also be involved in the production of prominentsyllables.
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le (1h23m19s)

How to build quality software: the Eiffel experience

With society’s growing reliance on IT systems, the ability to write high-quality software is ever more critical. While a posteriori verification techniques have their role, there is no substitute for methods and tools that provide built-in quality (“correctness by construction”) and scale up to very large systems. For several decades my colleagues and I have been building such a method, based in particular on the concept of Design by Contract, the associated tools and the supporting language, Eiffel. The scope is wide, encompassing all aspects of the software development process, from requirements and design to implementation and verification. I will ...
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