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Forest camp cooking : a meal of porcupine. Baka chronicles. Messok district, East Cameroon, June 2013

Camera, sound, editing : Romain DudaThe brush-tailed porcupine (Atherurus africanus) is one of the most appreciated and hunted game species in Central Africa. Abundant near the villages, this porcupine is hunted by smoking its burrow or hideout, or using snare traps made with metal wire.That day, a porcupine is brought back to the camp of Zumlo (place of punctual or seasonal forest life of the lineage of Sanga Timothée), located in two hours of walk of the village. The catch of this game, so small is it, delighted the whole camp because everyone will benefit from a part of meat. ...
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Smoking out the porcupine. A hunting party between brothers. Chronicle Baka, District of Messok, East Cameroon, June 2013

Camera, sound, editing : Romain DudaHunting strategies among the Baka are multiple, their choice is based on different incentives and preferences : daily and seasonal needs, mobility, human and financial resources, or involvement in the bushmeat trade.Although they are known to be traditionally spear hunters, shotgun and snare trap made with a metallic wire are nowadays the most widely used hunting techniques. However, other methods exist, highlighting ecological knowledge and practices adapted to forest species ecology. The practice of rodent smoking out is one of those. It offers the possibility of acquiring game with reduced technical means, and often opportunistically during fortuitous ...
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Chroniques Pygmées Baka : Conte du chimpanzé et de la fille de Komba

Conte du Chimpanzé et de la Fille de Komba :Au campement (mbala) de Madje, Naga nous donne ce conte Sus est Cameroun _______________________________________________________________________________ " Le chimpanzé partait donc chercher une fille, c’était la fille de Komba, elle était très belle.Je l’entend, elle est là-bas, il faut que j’aille la trouverJe dois arriver chez Djelo (Nom de la fille Komba)Voila que le chimpanzé arrive dans sa famille je m’en vais aller épouser la fillealors je suis parti, toute la famille était d’accord. Il partSur le chemin le chimpanzé rencontre un tronc d’arbreil y avait toute sorte de champignons qui entouraient l’arbrece tronc d’arbre ...
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