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Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT) Forum – Paris 2012 - Debate Session 4 : What endpoint for securing approval and reimbursement (Andrew FARB - Ileana PIÑA)

MODIGLIANI Debate Session 4 - Saturday December 1st, 2012:HEART FAILURE REMOTE MONITORING TRIALSChairpersons: Stefan ANKER, Berlin, GER - Ileana PIÑA, New York, USAWebcast: Daniela DOBRE, Nancy, FRACase studies and ultimate methodology for future trialsRemote monitoring remains an appealing option for following patients after a heart-failure hospitalization. Trials employing common strategies (simple phone calls with a nurse and Telemonitoring of vital signs) have in general not demonstrated improvement in survival and or reduction in risk of readmission; meta-analysis of telemonitoring trials using these common strategies, however, have shown improvements in survival and hospitalization rates. Recently, trials of more complex implanted remote ...
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