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Elizabeth Reynolds (Columbia University), " Monasteries, Merchants, and Long Distance Trade: The Economic Power of Tibetan Monasteries in Northern Kham (1900-1959) "

Pre-1959 Tibet was not a “closed off land” as is often assumed, but a place of dynamic economic structures and a diverse body of economic actors. The Trehor region, an area located in modern day northern Kardze Prefecture, was a center of trade, and due to its proximity to Sichuan and to Lhasa, the route through the Trehor area became a primary trade and communication route during the first half of the twientieth century. The Younghusband expedition (1903-1904), instigated by British India, and the forceful colonizing projects of General Zhao Erfeng (1908-1911) of the Qing, catalyzed new economic structures and ...
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