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le (1h45m27s)

L'Institut d'études avancées de Nantes - 10 ans / Table ronde 2 avec Alain Supiot, Vincent Caupin, Daniel Damasio Borges, Aiqing Zheng, Supriya Routh, Jeseong Park, Isaïe Dougnon, Lionel Fournier, Cyril Cosme

... Spittler (Université de Bayreuth, Allemagne), Aiqing Zheng (Université Remnin, Chine), Supriya Routh (Université Nationale des sciences juridiques, Inde), Jeseong Park (Institut du Travail Coréen, Corée du Sud) et Isaïe Dougnon (Université de Fordham,...
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le (1h57m37s)

Définition et enjeux de la "vraie médecine chinoise" en contextes chinois et africains

The dissemination of Chinese medicine in the global context is contributing increasingly to the reconfiguration of local therapeutic fields. It tends to modify relations between the different forms of medicine and categories of practitioners, with the emergence of new modalities of collaboration and opposition, new syncretisms, and some times technical innovations. In this panel, we will focus on the Chinese medical practices developing in African countries. Today, they occupy an ever-increasing place in therapeutic fields characterized by crumbling public health systems, policies for the patrimonialization of traditional practices, and finally by an uncontrolled development of the drug market. Alongside doctors ...
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