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From me and you to we: how our brain integrates our actions and emotions when we interact

It is now well known that areas in the brain that are active when we act or feel become active again when weobserve other people act and express their emotions – as if we would internally relivewhat the other personis doing and feeling. In our daily lives though we hardly behave as passive observers, but rather interact withothers. During my talk I will guide you through a series of experiments that try to investigate how our brainintegrates our perception of others within a more realistic dyadic interaction in which such perception istransformed into a behavioural response to the state of ...
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Operationalizing Social Neuroscience through HumanHuman and HumanMachine Interactions

How are neural, behavioral and social scales coordinated in real time so as to make possible the emergenceof social cognition? Answering this question requires to study the dynamics of coordination in real humaninteractions. However, even at the simplest dyadic scale, methodological and theoretical challenges remain.Several theories have been proposedto infer the link between neurobiology and social psychology, but the dynamical components of humaninteraction are still poorly explored because of the difficulty to record simultaneously the brain activity fromseveral subjects. This is the goal of hyperscanning methodology. I will first present how the combination ofsituated social paradigms with hyperscanning allowed to ...
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