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Prof. Ludger Jansen - FAIR DH data need ontologies standards

Prof. Ludger JANSEN University of Passau & University of Rostock - DELudger Jansen holds a PhD in Philosophy, and teaches at the Universities of Passau and Rostock. His area of expertise is Metaphysics, including its history in Ancient Philosophy and contemporary analytic and applied approaches in ontology. His has written books on Aristotle’s theory of dispositions (2nd ed. 2016), and on the ontology of groups and institutions (2017). Together with Barry Smith, he edited the first German-language introduction to Applied Ontology (2008). A complete list of publications can be found at
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Dr Stéphanie Satre - Epicherchell, an epigraphic dataset to share and publish

Dr Stéphanie SATRECentre Camille Jullian - FRStéphanie Satre is an engineer for the CNRS working on sources’ analysis and database conception. Member of the Centre Camille Jullian since 2010. She is co-responsible of the transverse axis: Research data, corpuses and databases and member of the Digital Humanities team. She is in charge of data curation (especially databases) and web dissemination. Her research activities focus on roman Sculpture.
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Miled Rousset - OpenTheso and PACTOLS

Miled RoussetHouse of the Orient and the Mediterranean (MOM) / CNRS, University Lumière Lyon 2 - FRResponsible for the WST (Semantic Web & Thesauri) technological platform of the national network of Maisons des Sciences de l'Homme (RnMSH).With 20 years of experience in the field of semantic indexing, management, data fusion and dissemination of document collections, I am the "IT Director of GDS3378 (Groupement de Services) of the FRANTIQ network (Fédération et Ressources sur l'ANTIQuité)".
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Mountain anthropization in Alps : a multidisciplinary look in the Pygmalion program / F. Arnaud

Mountain anthropization in Alps : a multidisciplinary look in the framework of Pygmalion research program. Fabien ARNAUD. In "La construction des territoires montagnards : exploitation des ressources et mobilité des pratiques", 2e International Workshop on archaeology of european mountain landscape, organisé par les laboratoires GEODE, FRAMESPA, GEOLAB et Chrono-Environnement. Université Toulouse 2-Le Mirail, 8-11 octobre 2009. [seconde journée]Pygmalion (PaleohYdrology and huMAn-cLimate-envIronment interactiONs in the Alps) is a multidisciplinary research program funded by ANR that aims to a reconstruction of climate evolution and human impact on the environment, in an area restricted to the northern part of the French Alps and ...
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