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Holocene Climatic Changes and Their Effect on Morphodynamics and Sedimentation in Campania

High-resolution paleoclimatic studies (e.g. 18O, 13C, CH4, MS, ect) provide 38 detailed reconstructions of the Holocene climatic variability, but they don’t are unable to provide direct informations about the effects of the climatic changes on landscape and human ecosystems. In order to assess the response of the subaerial geomorphologic/pedo-sedimentary systems to the climatic changes and their potential impact on the ancient human communities, detailed stratigraphical investigations in Campania (southern Italy) have been carried out. In addition to indications provided by litho-pedostratigraphical and geomorphological investigations, the study has recurred to historical, archaeological, and palaeobiological data. Some of the main global cyclical ...
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L’âge classique entre crises et révolutions

Le 17e siècle n’a pas de dénomination caractéristique, à l’inverse du 16e siècle, ou du 18e siècle et de ses lumières. Le 17e siècle est tout autant celui durant lequel émerge une pensée et un art classiques, que celui traversé par des crises et des révolutions. L’étendu du règne de Louis XIV, enfin, a participé à rapprocher, dans les consciences, le 17e siècle de la figure de ce roi.Cette vidéo est issue du MOOC "Découper le temps : les périodes de l'histoire".
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The Largest Lakes and reservoirs of Russia as a Priority Water Ressource for Society

Global change for the last 25 years drives to important changes in hydrometeorological regime in different regions, reflecting water resources change of the larges reservoirs and lakes of Russia and of lakes’ district with more than 460,000 small and middle size lakes (North-western part of Russia and Finland. Interdisciplinary approaches in water resources research include as methods of traditional hydrology and climatology as paleoclimatology and economy. Decrease in the water level of largest Lakes (Ladoga, Onega, Ilmen) by 35-70 cm has been registered over the 1990s, the warmest decade in the time series. At the same time inflow to the ...
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