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Projet Jourdain : Journalisme, Data et Information. L'institutionnalisation et la formalisation du journalisme de données : les formations aux pratiques informatisées de l'information. Les questions de la salle

...Le projet Jourdain articule d’une double signification. « Jourdain » est d’abord un acronyme de JOURnalisme, DAta et INformation. Ces trois notions sont situées au cœur du datajournalisme, dans sa définition canonique introduite par Adrian...
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le (1h9m15s)

Number-theoretic methods in quantum computing

An important problem in quantum computing is the so-called approximate synthesis problem: to find a quantum circuit, preferably as short as possible, that approximates a given unitary operator up to given epsilon. Moreover, the solution should be computed by an efficient algorithm. For nearly two decades, the standard solution to this problem was the Solovay-Kitaev algorithm, which is based on geometric ideas. This algorithm produces circuits of size O(log^c(1/epsilon)), where c is approximately 3.97. It was a long-standing open problem whether this exponent ...
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le (1h9m28s)

Numbers, computers and dynamical systems

A discrete dynamical system is defined as a set of states on which a transformation acts, considered as an evolution rule. The terminology discrete refers to the time that is discretized: at time n corresponds the nth iteration of this transformation. Dynamical systems are widely studied, for their modelling as well as for their computation power. We will focus here more specifically on trajectories of chaotic dynamical system from a computer science viewpoint (finite or periodic trajectories). A classical example is provided by the ...
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le (59m21s)

Can it be done in software ?

The symbiosis of software with computer, sensors and actuators creates a new kind of physical engineering system. Robots used in space exploration and GPS - on the ground, GPS is just a "giant Kalman filter" - are great examples. But the future potential is difficult to estimate. One view - mine - is that the future depends on mathematics, on system theory broadly interpreted.. After recalling, very briefly, the successes and limitations of linear systems theory, I shall outline a broad pathway ...
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