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Le masque en Europe Occidentale (2002)

Tourné pendant la période des 12 jours (période calendaire située entre Noël et Epiphanie, mais aussi période dite de « raccord » entre le calendrier lunaire et le calendrier solaire), cet interview de Claude Gaignebet montre à lévidence que les masques occidentaux trouvent leurs sources principalement dans la mythologie grecque et Romaine, que létymologie du mot masque éclaire le sens profond du rituel masqué et que le masque est laspect visible de toute une culture, voire dune religion pré-chrétienne. En tant que folkloriste et chercheur, Claude Gaignebet enseigne à lUniversité de Nice et est actuellement considéré comme le meilleur spécialiste ...
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Theoretical Foundations for Runtime Monitoring

Runtime monitoring/verification is a lightweight technique that complements other verification methods in a multi-pronged approach towards ensuring software correctness. The technique poses novel questions to software engineers: it is not easy to see which specifications are amenable to runtime monitoring, and it is not clear which monitors perform the required runtime analysis correctly. In this talk, I will present a theoretical framework that can be used to provide answers to those questions. I will view monitorability as a spectrum: the fewer monitor guarantees are required, the more properties become monitorable. I will then present a monitorability hierarchy ...
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Teachers’ Use of Mathematics Resources: A Look across Cultural Boundaries

Curriculum resources are adopted in school systems around the world, often, to promote curricular coherence or reform (Pepin & Haggarty, 2001; Valverde et al., 2012). The development and design of these resources varies across systems, as do the expectations for and assumptions about their use (Remillard, Van Steenbrugge, & Bergqvist 2016). Ultimately, teachers’ interpretations and decisions are at the center of resource use. In this lecture, I present initial findings from a cross-cultural study of elementary teachers’ interpretations ...
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Reflecting on a theoretical approach from a networking perspective: the case of the documentational approach to didactics

One decade ago, the documentational approach to didactics (Gueudet, Pepin, & Trouche, 2012) was just emerging. Since then, it has developed and matured, benefitting from the collaborative work and contributions of researchers with different research background and educational culture. It has also extended its scope beyond the sole field of mathematics education. The diversity of those who have contributed to the development of this approach has expressed through a diversity of theoretical constructions and combinations. In this lecture, I ...
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Teachers collective work inside and outside school as an essential spring of mathematics teachers' documentation: Japanese and Chinese experiences

As opposed to the individualistic perspective that has seemed dominant in teacher’s work for teaching the lesson, one may find today a wide range of teachers’ collective works inside and outside school in different parts of the world, such as collective improvement of teaching practice in Japanese Lesson Study (Fernandez & Yoshida, 2004) and Chinese Teaching Research Group, and collective writing of mathematics textbooks in France (Sésamath series). In this lecture, we try to show how teachers’ collective work ...
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