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19 - "Les relations entre les chauves-souris insectivores (Chiroptera) et les peuplements forestiers aménagés déterminés par une analyse à l'échelle nationale : quelles sont les implicat° pour la gest° et la conservat° ?" : J. Langridge et al.(MNHN)

... implicat° pour la gest° et la conservat° ?" : J. Langridge et al.(MNHN)   Résumé de l'intervention :<div> Forest management strongly affects the foraging and feeding opportunities of bats at different spatial scales, in production forest...
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Mathematics Teachers as Designers

The goal of the panel discussion is to develop deeper understandings of the processes involved when teachers act as designers (Pepin, Gueudet, & Trouche, 2017). In this panel discussion the participants will respond to each of the following questions: Why are teacher design activities relevant? (e.g. practical and/or scientific perspective); What are the most challenging/interesting design tasks? What would teachers ...
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Evidencing the missing resources of the documentational approach to didactics, towards new programs of research

The development of a theoretical approach creates necessarily new needs, conceptual as well as methodological: when meeting new phenomena; when extending the study outside its initial field (in this case mathematics teaching in French secondary schools); when meeting other theoretical frames. Evidencing its missing resources (Chevallard & Cirade, 2010) is then a critical issue for a community of research. We will propose to face this issue, developing a reflective investigation in two directions: asking the recent Ph.D. students ...
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