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Centrifugal Partition Chromatography - Separation of natural substances

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) is a liquid/liquid chromatography technique without a solid support. It allows the extraction and purification of molecules of natural or synthetic origin. After a brief history, the film presents the different steps prior to a CPC analysis. It describes the principle of the technique, shows the preparation of solvents and their use. The film shows an analysis in which the extract is followed by a UV-Visible detector. It indicates the advantages of the technique for the preparatory separation of interest compounds. CPC is a real alternative to ...
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High-resolution mass spectrometry for natural substances studies

After a presentation of the operation of an Orbitrap mass analyzer, the film shows the coupling of a high-performance liquid chromatography system and a high-resolution mass spectrometer of the Exactive type. Then, the principle of the interpretation of a mass spectrum is presented by emphasizing the interest of high resolution. The determination of the gross formula of an unknown compound is detailed. The film also presents the usefulness of high resolution mass detection in the identification of isomers, adducts and conjugated compounds. The tool can also be used for screening complex matrices ...
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Nuclear Magnetic resonance Spectroscopy - Analysis of natural substances

After a brief historical introduction of the discovery of magnetic fields applied to atomic structures, the video presents an explanation of the analysis NMR applied to natural substances from plants. After a brief history of the discovery of magnetic fields applied to atomic structures, the film presents the principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance analysis applied to natural substances from plants. It gives some information on the equipment used on the analytical platform of the metabolome at Bordeaux. It presents in a simplified and educational way the basic principles ...
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