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le (1h15s)

X. Yuan - On the arithmetic degree of Shimura curves

The goal of this talk is to introduce a Gross--Zagier type formula, which relates the arithmetic self-intersection number of the Hodge bundle of a quaternionic Shimura curve over a totally real field to the logarithmic derivative of the Dedekind zeta function of the base field at 2. The proof is inspired by the previous works of Yuan, S. Zhang and W. Zhang on the Gross--Zagier formula and the averaged Colmez conjecture.
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le (58m10s)

A. Höring - A decomposition theorem for singular spaces with trivial canonical class (Part 3)

The Beauville-Bogomolov decomposition theorem asserts that any compact Kähler manifold with numerically trivial canonical bundle admits an étale cover that decomposes into a product of a torus, an irreducible, simply-connected Calabi-Yau, and holomorphic symplectic manifolds. With the development of the minimal model program, it became clear that singularities arise as an inevitable part of higher dimensional life. We will present recent works in which a singular version of the decomposition theorem is established.
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