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le (2h18m29s)

Conférence Labex EFL - Zygmunt Frajzyngier :"Theoretical bases for differential marking of grammatical and semantic relations of noun phrases: the proper domain for argument-adjunct distinction" 4 juin 2012

...Dans le cadre de l'opération "The Typology and corpus annotation of Information Structure and Grammatical Relations" de l'axe 3 du Labex EFL (Fondements Empiriques de la Linguistique), le professeur Zygmunt FRAJZYNGIER, professeur à l'Université du...
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le (1h43m38s)

An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 1: Changes and challenges in understanding speech variability: A review over half a century (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

Over the last century, our understanding of variability in the speech signal has undergone a variety of changes. Once regarded as noise in the signal, it has now become a major topic of investigation revealing evidence for the underlying biological, cognitive and social factors of speech. In this overview talk, I will review theories and data discussing variability with respect to visible and audible biological factors as well as structures and mechanisms beneath the surface. Furthermore, I will review how our knowledge about variability and social factors has evolved from long-term adaptations between different social groups to short term adaptations ...
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le (1h40m54s)

An embodied and situated perspective on speech and language- Labex EFL - Lecture 2: The forgotten articulator: How respiration constrains linguistic structure and affects speech at a local and global level (Susanne Fuchs 2019)

In this lecture, I will talk aboutrespiration, a biological rhythm which is flexible and adaptable and cruciallyinvolved in speech production, perception and face-to-face interactions. Basedon different experiments, I will discuss the interplay between respiration andspeech planning in read and spontaneous speech and the respiratory coordinationbetween interlocutors in dialogue. Finally, I will argue that respiration doesnot only deliver the expiratory airstream for speech in long temporal windows(interpausal units), but can also be involved in the production of prominentsyllables.
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