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Mathématiques, Statistiques et Médecine: des collaborations plus que jamais nécessaires

A travers le paradigme d’une maladie chronique fréquente, le cancer du sein, nous souhaitons aborder les évolutions de formes de collaborations entre le domaine médical et les chercheurs en mathématiques appliquées. La capacité à observer et quantifier les états physiologiques et pathologiques et approcher leurs variabilités intra- et inter- individuelles a marqué l’entrée dans une médecine dite scientifique dès la fin de 18eme siècle. Dès la seconde moitié du 20eme siècle, le monde anglo-saxon, suivi rapidement par le monde scandinave a su mettre en ...
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le (58m39s)

Coccinelle: synergy between programming language research and the Linux kernel

The Linux kernel underlies all kinds of systems across the computing landscape, from embedded systems to supercomputers. Today, the number of developers contributing to a given Linux kernel version is almost 2000. These range from developers who have many years of experience and work on core parts of the kernel to new developers who contribute a single device driver or bug fix. This volume of contributors and range of experience levels implies that devising means to unambiguously communicate information about kernel properties across the ...
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le (1h10m13s)

Folding Turing is hard but feasible

We introduce and study the computational power of Oritatami, a theoretical model to explore greedy molecular folding, by which the molecule begins to fold before waiting the end of its production. This model is inspired by our recent experimental work demonstrating the construction of shapes at the nanoscale by folding an RNA molecule during its transcription from an engineered sequence of synthetic DNA. While predicting the most likely conformation is known to be NP-complete in other models, Oritatami sequences fold optimally in linear time. Although our model ...
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