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Semiotics and Management

Henrik GAHMBERG is Professor in the Department of Management and Organizations at the University of Vaasa, Finland.His researches are devoted to strategic management, organizational communication, narrative semiotics and leadership. Since several years he has been working on an Art and Aesthetics point of view in management.Henri BROMS is retired chief librarian of the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration and Professor Emeritus of Oriental Languages at the University of Helsinki.Now, he is working on the relationship between Organisations and Jam Seccions.
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Common Experiences, Common Desires? Tracing an Intellectual History between China and Africa

Common Experiences, Common Desires ?  Tracing an Intellectual History between China and Africa By Frieda Ekotto & Emily Goedde (University of Michigan Ann-Arbor)  With the participation of Myriam Dao (Visual Artist, Paris) Moderator : Peter Stockinger (Inalco-ESCoM-AAR/FMSH) Coordination :  Frieda Ekotto (Pr. University of Michigan Ann-Arbor) & Alexandra Galitzine-Loumpet (ANR EsCA/ FMSH) Conférence de l’ANR EsCA   In his 1954 presentation to dignitaries from across Asia and Africa, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai acknowledged the differences between the two cultural spheres; nevertheless, Zhou stressed, a more important factor  in all future relations should be the “common ...
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From Biology to Biosemiotics

Kalevi KULL is one of the leading figures in Biosemiotics nowadays. He is professor in the Department of Semiotics at the famous Tartu University, Estonia. His current interests are the Theory of evolution, the Theory of plant communities and species co-existence and also Theoretical biology (and its history). If you want to know more on these research subjects, visit the web site of Kalevi Kull :
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