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The State of UK Climate Modelling

The UK recently invested £23 million (~US$40 million) in a program in Quantifying and Understanding the Earth SysTem (QUEST). The final product of this investment is the state-of-the-art QUEST Earth System Model (QUESM), which is comprised of the most comprehensive modeling and understanding of terrestrial, atmosphere, and marine processes ever built. QUESM is to be linked with the world-leading Hadley Centre’s GCM to assess and understand changes in the Earth system with respect to climate and global change. Here, I present the state of UK climate modeling, an overview of the QUEST Earth System Model, and detail the individual sub-models ...
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Social Impact of global Environmental Change on Farming Communities on the Ogoli River Bank in Otukpo Area of Benue State, Nigeria

One of the manifestations of the global change in this study area is a marked reduction in the duration and amount of rainfall. This adversely affects the volume of the head waters that ultimately determine the volume of the Ogoli River which is used for irrigation. Consequently, food security and livelihood of the farming communities whose mode of agricultural production is rain-fed is adversely affected. Using Participatory Learning Action (PLA) technique involving three distinct groups of adult male, adult female and youth, the study seek to evaluate the coping mechanisms of these vulnerable group to draught and reduced volume of ...
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