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Individual talks by Amandine Pras, Paul Thompson, Maël Peneau, Leonard Menon, and James Clemens-Seely

Amandine Pras introduces AFRINUM and the West African Audio Network partnerships. Paul Thompson characterizes three broad forms of learning methods in audio engineering and music production, namely formal, non-formal, and informal. Maël Peneau highlights how in Dakar, the only purpose of owning a mixing board is to give evidence of professionalism to clients, although it is almost never used for mixing. For instance, Senegalese beatmakers use their digital skills to build Kontakt instruments based on Yamaha DX7 presets that emulate traditional Senegambian percussion instruments in the local genre Mbalax. Leonard Menon explains how Malian arrangers challenge the production sequence of ...
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Roundtable discussion about De-colonizing the Digital Audio Workstation

Dr. Eliot Bates (Graduate Centre, City University of New York), and  Éliézer Oubda (Hope Muziks Studio, Burkina Faso) share their experiences working and teaching within and around the confines of the Eurocentric Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that has become a music production standard in today’s digital era. Leonard Menon (University of Lethbridge, Alberta) ask them questions about their background as audio engineers and their opinion regarding the techniques, limitations, and prospects of the increasingly accessible DAW, which they discuss from a personal and professional perspective as the democratization of digital audio technologies has reached a point of ubiquitous attainability.
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