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"Vers une renaturalisation des inégalités sociales à l’école ? Les jeunes face aux pathologies scolaires", semi-plénière avec la participation de Romuald Bodin et Stanislas Morel

...Vers une renaturalisation des inégalités sociales à l’école ? Les jeunes face aux pathologies scolairesCoordination : RT4 « Éducation et Formation », RT15 « Jeunesse, âges de la vie, générations »Intervenants :- Romuald Bodin, enseignant-chercheur à...
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Chinese – African Figures of inbetweeness

The Chinese-African encounter – a source of creativity, adaptation, but also of disorder – is transforming African societies. Whether talking about the Chinese present in Africa, or Africans travelling in China, we come up against difficulties of classification, or even status, given the multiplicity of trajectories and activities. One of the first difficulties stems from the propensity to talk about “Africans” and “Chinese”, as if dealing with homogeneous groups. Another concerns the tendency to talk about “migrants” when looking at mobilities whose duration, objectives, and criteria of investment significantly surpass habitual connotations surrounding migration/migrants in academic research, causing considerable confusion ...
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Géopolitique du patrimoine ; Perspectives croisées Chine-Afrique

Increasing State and local community interest in Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) highlights, as with other UNESCO programmes, the stakes that now crystallize different acceptations of the notion of heritage and the recomposition of related “tradition” and “modernity” paradigms. New players like the Popular Republic of China are emerging, and what might more generally be referred to as a “geopolitics of heritage” is taking form. Following the seminars held under the auspices of the ANR “Chinese Cultural Spaces in Africa” activities since 2012, this panel aims both to continue to share the (re)constructions, implications and recompositions of processes of patrimonialization in ...
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