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le (7m42s)

Mitose dans l'endosperme III B / 1

Version longue. Déroulement de la mitose dans l'albumen de différentes plantes. Mitoses normales observées en contraste de phase et en lumière polarisée ; mitoses anormales dues à des troubles spontanés et à des irradiations ; action de l'hydrate de chloral et de la colchicine sur la mitose. (Le film est divisé en séquences dont les numéros correspondent aux paragraphes d'un texte qui permet de faire un commentaire très complet des images présentées).
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le (2m49s)

The Science of Snow, Nautijaur, Lapland , 12 November 2010

Swedish version with english subtitles : In Sápmi, a vast region of northern Europe also referred to as Lapland, Sami reindeer herders are experts about snow. To reach the ground lichen on which they feed in winter, reindeer need to dig through a snowpack whose properties constantly change throughout the winter period. For this reason, the Sami have developed a ‘snow science’ that not only encompasses, as linguists have often exclaimed, an exceptional diversity of terms to name and classify snow. They have also cultivated an intimate understanding of physico-chemical processes ...
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le (23m15s)

Interlocking Natural and Social Systems - Resilience, Governance and Research Policy Considerations

In this presentation the start is made from the 2007 IPCC statement that it now seems consolidated that there is a clear sign of the importance of the anthropogenic factors in the climate change panorama in addition to the natural phenomena. Thus the current situation of civilisation seems to be characterised by the quickly growing interference and to some extent control by humans over natural flows e.g. the carbon or nitrogen cycles to an extent not earlier seen in history. This development is of recent date - maybe half a century - and could be regarded as the beginning of ...
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