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ベトナムの黒タイ族村落における民族学調査 - Ethnological Research in the Taî-Dams Villages in Vietnam

Masao KASHINAGA is Assistant Professor at Department of Social Research - National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, Japan. Its research topics are : 1. Historical study about the traditional socio-political units in the Southeast Asia; 2. Ethnographic study on the Black Tai society focusing on the material cultures; 3. Study about the relation between the Nation and the ethnic groups. In this interview named: "Ethnological research in the Taî-Dams villages in Vietnam ", Mr Masao Kashinaga speaks about his academic course and describes its research about the ethnic groups belonging to the Tai-speaking people that ...
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The Changing Nature of Society and its International Relations Implication

Within this interview Christopher HILL goes back to his scientific background in History: a very personal reason to study the origins of World War II (WWII). The main problem he is revealing is the question: “What was the “decision making” process to enter the WWII?”. Hill is approaching then the Political science as new, detached view, of History analysis. His entrance into London School of Economics(LSE) in 1970s in the Department of International Relations marks an introduction of Hill's special teaching area: Foreign Policy and analysis. The lifetime experience of Hill shows the example of a challenging relationship between a PhD supervisor and a PhD student.  ...
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