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Le temple du 1er siècle

      Les vidéos de cette collection se trouve à l'origine sur le CDrom qui accompagne l'ouvrage "Tours antique et médiéval, 40 ans d'archéologie  urbaine" (Galinié, 30e Supplément à la RACF, FERACF, Tours 2007). Encapsulées dans des fichiers Flash de moins en moins lisibles par les navigateurs, les vidéos sont remaniées ici pour être lisibles de manière plus pérenne. Réalisation 3D : Thierry Morin, Laboratoire Archéologie et Territoires, Tours, 2006.
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Place, Power and People: Temple and City in Southeast Asia as a Cultural Region

The Buddhist arts of Myanmar, drawing in varied concepts of direction and boundary to sacred place, have developed a richly localized vocabulary over periods of both amalgamation and conflict. The late nineteenth century CE was one of the latter, when at the end of the Second Anglo-Burmese War British troops occupied the highly venerated Shwedagon pagoda. Nonetheless, or perhaps as a result, patronage flourished and new donations embellished religious spaces. In their contrasting worldviews and styles, the arts of this period illustrate the role of material culture in both reflecting and re-redefining the 'local' within wider processes of social change.
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The temples and ritual sites of the walled Pyu cities of Burma

Throughout the First Millennium AD, walled sites enclosing up to 13 square kilometres were constructed in Upper Burma and in Arakan, near the Bangladesh border. Archaeology has given us a window to the life, the hopes and fears, of the inhabitants. They kept in close contact with their ancestors, whose cremated remains were integral to the ritual sites of the cities. Buddhist and other Indic artworks, and religious texts, show that they were open to new and changing spiritual notions. Intaglios, symbol-marked coins and gold jewellery provide evidence of trade, technology and social differentiation. But defensive walls and gates, and ...
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