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Round table with a larger panel of VSE participants and facilitators

Presentation given for the LEXSHA International Conference (LEarning, EXploring and SHAring) / New learning environment for very small enterprises. Bordeaux, November 25th, 2015Participants >> Laurence Messager, CRED, Bordeaux>> Sophia Rodrigues, Business consultant, Portugal>>  Lennard Drogendijk, Managing Director, The Nertherlands>> Samantha Le Gouic, CRED, Bordeaux>> Siobhan James-Lynn, Business Development Manager, United Kingdom>> Dominika Venciute, Researcher, Lithuania>> Bassel Matar, Business Developper, Sweden>> Jean-Baptiste Durousseau, VSE Manager, FranceTraduction Christine RYCHLEWSKI James ANDERSON>> Version française du programme
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Host-Microbiota Symbiosis: One, Many, or Mega-Organism? Lessons from Internalism vs. Externalism debates in biology and psychology

I will distinguish between three types of interactionist reactions to internalist or externalist theories. These theories assign specific theoretical roles to internal and external factors, respectively. A « balanced » interactionist balances the relative weight of internal and external factors without changing their respective roles. An « extension » interactionist reassigns the roles to both factors. A « transformative » interactionist rejects the original theoretical framework, re-organizing internal and external factors under a new alternative. Examples will be drawn from major debates in evolutionary biology, developmental biology, and ...
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