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le (31m27s)

From Climate Models to Earth System Models

Complex climate models that describe the evolution of the coupled ocean atmosphere cryosphere system are gradually extended to “non physical” components of the earth system, and account for land vegetation dynamics, ocean biology, global biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry. In the future, these models will have to better represent the potential feedbacks with society and therefore to couple the natural bio-physical components with the socio-economic system. The paper will review the present status of complex climate and Earth system models, report some preliminary attempts to include societal aspects, and highlight challenges for future research.
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le (1h18m1s)

Self-Supervised Visual Learning and Synthesis

Computer vision has made impressive gains through the use of deep learning models, trained with large-scale labeled data. However, labels require expertise and curation and are expensive to collect. Can one discover useful visual representations without the use of explicitly curated labels? In this talk, I will present several case studies exploring the paradigm of self-supervised learning — using raw data as its own supervision. Several ways of defining objective functions in high-dimensional spaces will be discussed, including the use of General Adversarial Networks (GANs) to learn the objective function directly from the data. Applications of self-supervised learning will be ...
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le (17m30s)

Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT) Forum – Paris 2012 : Biomarker guided-therapy: Are there other endpoints besides mortality that matter? Selecting the best outcome measures

... not specifically apply to heart failure per se, and could thus theoretically serve as a starting point for determining the basic framework upon which the evaluation of novel applications of prior markers or the description of a frankly new biomarker.1....
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