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le (56m22s)

Inférence à la meilleure explication en mathématiques : Concilier apriorité et révisabilité / Mathematical inference to the best explanation : Reconciling a priority and revisability.

... explication en mathématiques. Peut-on, en mathématiques, avoir des formes à priori d’inférence à la meilleure explication ? Peuvent-elles être à la fois à priori et révisables ? Marina Imocrante discusses the nature of mathematical inferences to the...
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le (1h18m1s)

Self-Supervised Visual Learning and Synthesis

Computer vision has made impressive gains through the use of deep learning models, trained with large-scale labeled data. However, labels require expertise and curation and are expensive to collect. Can one discover useful visual representations without the use of explicitly curated labels? In this talk, I will present several case studies exploring the paradigm of self-supervised learning — using raw data as its own supervision. Several ways of defining objective functions in high-dimensional spaces will be discussed, including the use of General Adversarial Networks (GANs) to learn the objective function directly from the data. Applications of self-supervised learning will be ...
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