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Chinese Spaces of Diffusion & Interaction in Africa

While political at the time of African independence, the channels of diffusion and interaction between the African countries and China have predominantly been apprehended over the past few years in economic and geostrategic terms. The notion of “soft power”, sometimes translated as “cultural diplomacy” in French, sums up these different aspects and encapsulates highly diverse facets, to the point of confusion. Added to the fact that its wide usage singularly weakens this concept, it also tends to mask the diversity of situations and players, the superpositions between spaces and actions, the imaginations engaged, and configurations according to country. Based on ...
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Dr Nathalie Richards - From the Mau Forest to Lake Victoria: The Journey of the Mara River in East Africa

The Mara River starts its journey in the Mau forest in Kenya, flowing through diverse waterscapes and famous savannahs into Tanzania, where it reaches the Mara wetland system before spilling into Lake Victoria. The landscapes surrounding the Mara River are shaped by the seasonality of its flows. Its exceptional flora and fauna follow the rhythm of water availability, and human inhabitants have adapted to and influenced the ecosystem services provided by the local environment. For millennia and more intensively in the past centuries, different peoples have been inspired by the river ecosystem ...
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