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T. Darvas - Complex Monge-Ampère equations with prescribed singularity type

Given a Kahler manifold (X, ω), finding smooth solutions to the equation (ø +i∂̄∂u)n=føn goes back to Yau’s solution of the Calabi conjecture in the seventies. In joint work with E. Di Nezza and C.H. Lu, we proposed to solve this same equation with the added constraint that u ∈ PSH(X, ω) has prescribed singularity type. As it turns out, this problem is well posed only ...
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le (1h1m14s)

A. von Pippich - An analytic class number type formula for PSL2(Z)

For any Fuchsian subgroup Γ⊂PSL2(R) of the first kind, Selberg introduced the Selberg zeta function in analogy to the Riemann zeta function using the lengths of simple closed geodesics on Γ∖H instead of prime numbers. In this talk, we report on a formula that determines the special value at s=1 of the derivative of the Selberg zeta function for Γ=PSL2(Z). This formula is obtained as an application of a generalized Riemann-Roch isometry for the trivial sheaf on ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯Γ∖H, equipped with the Poincaré metric. This is joint ...
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le (1h3m1s)

Y. Tang - Exceptional splitting of reductions of abelian surfaces with real multiplication

Chavdarov and Zywina showed that after passing to a suitable field extension, every abelian surface A with real multiplication over some number field has geometrically simple reduction modulo p for a density one set of primes p. One may ask whether its complement, the density zero set of primes p such that the reduction of A modulo p is not geometrically simple, is infinite. Such question is analogous to the study of exceptional mod p isogeny between two elliptic curves in the recent work of Charles. ...
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