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le (1h1m11s)

Xavier Cabré : Nonlinear elliptic and Fisher-KPP equations with fractional diffusion

Premier atelier de l'ERC « Reaction-Diffusion Equations, Propagations and Modelling »  Journées d'étude organisées par Henri Berestycki et Jean-Michel Roquejoffre  EHESS, 24-25 septembre 2013Xavier Cabré 2 (ICREA and UPC, Barcelona) Nonlinear elliptic and Fisher-KPP equations with fractional diffusion I will first describe the basic ideas concerning fractional Laplacians, as well as the essential tools to treat nonlinear equations involving   these operators. I will then present recent results on fractional   semilinear elliptic equations (mainly of Allen-Cahn type) and on front propagation for fractional Fisher-KPP type equations.
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le (1h3m15s)

Alessandro Zilio: Strongly competing systems with fractional diffusion: uniform regularity results

Journées ERC ReaDi 12-13 novembre 2013 Alessandro Zilio (Politecnico di Milano)Strongly competing systems with fractional diffusion: uniform regularity results In this talk I will focus on some recent results obtained in collaboration with S. Terracini and G. Verzini about the optimal regularity of solution to systems characterized by nonstandard diffusion and strong competition. In particular, it will be shown that the type of competition strongly affects both the regularity of the solutions and the geometry of the segregated states obtained in the limiting case of infinite competition.
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le (1h4m1s)

Feng Luo - Discrete conformal geometry of polyhedral surfaces and its convergence

Our recent joint work with D. Gu established a discrete version of the uniformization theorem for compact polyhedral surfaces.   In this talk, we prove that discrete uniformizaton maps converge to conformal maps when the triangulations are sufficiently fine chosen.  We will also discuss the relationship between the discrete uniformization theorem and convex polyhedral surfaces  in the hyperbolic 3-space.  This is a joint work with J. Sun and T. Wu.
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le (51m50s)

Melanie Rupflin - Horizontal curves of metrics and applications to geometric flows

On closed surfaces there are three basic ways to evolve a metric, by conformal change, by pull-back with diffeomorphisms and by horizontal curves, moving orthogonally to the first two types of evolution. As we will discuss in this talk, horizontal curves are very well behaved even if the underlying conformal structures degenerate in moduli space as t to T. We can describe where the metrics will have essentially settled down to the limit by time t T as opposed to regions on which the metric still has to do an infinite amount of stretching. This quantified information is essential in ...
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