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le (1h37s)

Juan Souto - Counting curves on surfaces

An old theorem of Huber asserts that the number of closed geodesics of length at most L on a hyperbolic surface is asymptotic to $\frac{e^L}L$. However, things are less clear if one either fixes the type of the curve, possibly changing the notion of length, or if one counts types of curves. Here, two curves are of the same type if they differ by a mapping class. I will describe some results in these directions.
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le (45m38s)

Genevieve Walsh - Boundaries of Kleinian groups

We study the problem of classifying Kleinian groups via the topology of their limit sets. In particular, we are interested in one-ended convex-cocompact Kleinian groups where each piece in the JSJ decomposition is a free group, and we describe interesting examples in this situation.  In certain cases we show that the type of Kleinian group is determined by the topology of its group boundary.  We conjecture that this is not the case in general.  We also determine the homeomorphism types of planar boundaries that can occur.  This is joint work in progress with Peter Haissinsky and Luisa Paoluzzi.
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le (1h4m1s)

Feng Luo - Discrete conformal geometry of polyhedral surfaces and its convergence

Our recent joint work with D. Gu established a discrete version of the uniformization theorem for compact polyhedral surfaces.   In this talk, we prove that discrete uniformizaton maps converge to conformal maps when the triangulations are sufficiently fine chosen.  We will also discuss the relationship between the discrete uniformization theorem and convex polyhedral surfaces  in the hyperbolic 3-space.  This is a joint work with J. Sun and T. Wu.
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le (58m50s)

Stéphane Saboureau - Sweep-outs, width estimates and volume

Sweep-out techniques in geometry and topology have recently received a great deal of attention, leading to major breakthroughs. In this talk, we will present several width estimates relying on min-max arguments in relation to the volume of Riemannian manifolds. Dealing with the case of surfaces first, we will focus our attention on generalisations in higher dimension and present new estimates obtained in a work in progress.
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