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Yoshihiro Tonegawa - Analysis on the mean curvature flow and the reaction-diffusion approximation (Part 4)

The course covers two separate but closely related topics. The first topic is the mean curvature flow in the framework of GMT due to Brakke. It is a flow of varifold moving by the generalized mean curvature. Starting from a quick review on the necessary tools and facts from GMT and the definition of the Brakke mean curvature flow, I will give an overview on the proof of the local regularity theorem. The second topic is the reaction-diffusion approximation of phase boundaries with key words such as the Modica-Mortola functional and ...
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Cours magistraux

le (1h23m14s)

Robert Young - Quantitative geometry and filling problems (Part 4)

Plateau's problem asks whether there exists a minimal surface with a given boundary in Euclidean space. In this course, we will study related problems in broader classes of spaces and ask what the asymptotics of filling problems tell us about the geometry of surfaces in groups and spaces. What do minimal and nearly minimal surfaces look like in different spaces, and how is the geometry of surfaces related to the geometry of the ambient space? Our main examples will arise from geometric group theory, including nilpotent groups and symmetric spaces.
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